EGBE FOUNDATION with the help of  THE PARTNERS of EGBE FOUNDATION reach out to the needy in Widikum-Cameroon.

EGBE FOUNDATION is a Tax-Exempt Non-profit Organization based in Western Australia. This charitable Foundation was born in late August 2016. It vision came through a Divine inspiration from God. Therefore,  moved with sincere love and compassion for humanity, EGBE FOUNDATION is  out to bring Hope To Lives, Nations And The World.

Bearing in mind the reality of poverty and deep suffering in the world we live in today, we at EGBE FOUNDATION cannot afford to sit on the fence any longer. We have decided to ACT and to ACT NOW. We are determine to bring genuine and positive changes in the lives of millions around the world.

Our ultimate desire and goal is to see people improve in their lives in every aspect. Through our sincere love for mankind especially those in poverty striking areas and nations, we wish to give our quality time, love, money and strength in seeing that the lives of many around the world is improved.



Egbe Foundation with the help of the Partners of Egbe Foundation provide food and cash gifts to a physically challenged man in Widikum- Cameroon

We at EGBE FOUNDATION are out to bring love into a world plagued with crisis and unbearable suffering. We want people to know that there is still HOPE no matter any situation they find themselves and if they will only believe in that HOPE then things can change.

Therefore we at EGBE FOUNDATION are out to bring Hope to the hopeless, be a father to the fatherless, a mother to the motherless,  a benefactor to the needy,  because we ourselves have once been helpless and fatherless. We are a living testimony of the goodness of God in our lives and that is why we wish to spread this love to our brothers and sisters out there, and to let them know that no matter the situation they are in, God can still help them come out if they don’t give up on Hope.

We at EGBE FOUNDATION believe in  immediate action and that is why we have been on the field carrying out minor and major projects to help individuals and communities especially back in Africa. Therefore whatever we get or will get through the support of our partners all over the world, will go in purposely to further our vision and goal. That is Bringing Hope To Lives, Nations And The World.


The Executive body of EGBE FOUNDATION is made up of three board members and a director that oversees the running of the foundation business. The foundation also has four dedicated part time employees and sixteen volunteers working tirelessly to advance its objectives. The team is very dedicated and hard working , with each member  having specific duties to perform. Team work has been one of the main reasons for our progress and success in carrying out our first three projects.