Egbe Foundation, Inc

Egbe Foundation, Inc; Everything you need to know about us.

In late August 2016, through a divine inspiration, we started Egbe Foundation, an Incorporated Non-profit, Non- governmental organization, based in Houston, Texas. Our principal goal is bringing HOPE into lives, nations and the world and that is exactly what we have been doing since from day one with the help of our partners all over the world.

So, far we have carried out three main projects namely;

1. The Scholarship Program:

In this program, we began by providing school fees and school needs to six (6) underprivileged children, such as books, uniforms, inner/underwears, shoes, bags, and writing materials.

This was carried out in early September 2016 in Widikum, a small inter-tribal community in Africa, Cameroon.

2. Reaching Out To The Needy Program: 

Here we  focused on providing food and financial aid to persons who fell under our needy program as as widows, orphans, physically challenged, sick, underpriviledged and abandoned in society. We visited them and gave them bags of rice, a packet of maggi cubes and some soap for laundry.

3. The Water Suppy Project: 

In this project, we were able to provide clean and pipe-borne water to a local community in Cameroon, through the help of our partners all over the world.The name of this community is Menka quarter.

Based on our research before beginning the project, we realized that this community has been suffering from water crisis for more than five (5) years and also had no proper water system such good taps.Therefore moved with compassion and love, we decided to help this community get clean pipe- borne water and also built two new taps for the community.

The community supported the project by digging the pipeline while the Foundation paid for the pipes, equipment, materials and labor provided by the brick layers and plumber. After over a month of serious work, the project was finally completed and handed over to the community by mid December 2016.

Right now, our up coming project is to provide Food Aid and Financial Assistance to those of the Needy category such as orphans, sick, physically challenged, widows, widowers and abandoned. We are making arrangements to meet these kind of people in their various local communities in Cameroon where we can be of help to them.

First we want to thank you our partners, for without you, we would never have come this far. We know we cannot succeed without you. Thank you for your support and prayers.

To support us, please go to or Use Paypal by clicking on the link below Your donation of any amount will go a long way in changing the lives of many people and communities in need.